Don’t Leave a Message for Warren Buffett

Contacting Warren Buffett for financial help maybe one of the hardest things whenever has to do in their life there is no real easy way to contact a billionaire philanthropist because he is always on the move helping other people in today’s society. Warren Buffett can only be reached one of two ways if you are a regular personal acquaintance to him who asks for his help each day you can mail him and his physical mailing address for the receives 300 letters a day or you can try to get through to him at the Berkshire Hathaway company email. Keep in mind that only about 10% of all letters if any will make it to him electronic or physical. Since his starting as an 11-year-old kid Warren Buffett has constantly been in the stock market and made multiple Millions out of it many people have suggested that Warren Buffett is statistical genius as should we expect it since his Elementary School Days when everyone knew that he would be genius marketer because of the way he knew numbers like no one else did.

Contacting Warren Buffett will not be easy but it will definitely be worth it if he does run across your case because he donates generously to whomever he can including President Obama in 2008 holding a dinner in his honor to sway the election in his favor. These are just some of the reasons Warren Buffett may not be readily available to answer but that does not mean he does not care about anyone else’s problems he is working to make the world a better place for every single person here today and release that everyone should be treated equally and this is why Warren Buffett that does not have a public email nor mailing address because he does things on a big respect from than a single person can so single person problems are best handled by other people.

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