Donald Trump : Warren Buffett Opinions

The thirst richest person in the globe Warren Buffett had a closed meeting with the United States president Donald Trump where the main issue on the table was about the state of the economy. The main reason why the president had to talk to him that being at the age of 87 when such wealthiest person sound on matters of economy people will give him their ears.

The other reason is that the tycoon has been in the business world for the decade now. In their conversation, Warren Buffett expressed a lot of fear on the state of the economy in America. The reason behind this was that so many young generations desired to leave a better life than their forefathers and parents lived, but due to the disparity in the Americans wealth, they are unable to fulfill their dreams.
He argued that the plan that the president had was not a right timing as it would somehow decrease the economy of the state. The president had an idea of about $1.5 trillion tax plan that at least would rely on the economy. Despite all this, he congratulated the American resident for the increase of growth in the level of prosperity since the year of 1776.

He also advised the resident especially those who are productive not to keep their properties separately and not to specialize too much as this has left so many people hopelessly and others are much behind regarding economic growth.
The tycoon also had a piece of advice to the president not to involve or mix both politics and the economy of the Americans. In the other had he thanked him for his tax plan on companies as this will see the firms like Berkshire Hathaway receiving approximately of about $37 billion that will have come out from the tax code that will be of more benefit to corporations.

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