Does Warren Buffett Own Dairy Queen ?

Warren Buffett bought Dairy Queen in 1998 for $585 million dollars. He loves the Dairy Queen’s special treats. Although he often visits its restaurants in his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska. Many years ago, his previous favorite he used to always order was a special blend of vanilla ice cream.

Warren Buffett expresses his diet in a unique way. His often diets by eating three meals a day, but without eating vegetables and drinking alcohol. It is no secret that his main love is ice cream. His mission by owning Dairy Queen is to help the franchise grow to new heights since Dairy Queen stores can offer a variety of many favorable items people will always enjoy.

Mr. Buffett mentioned in a letter that it was a long road with investors and franchisees for fixing many of the problems and increasing the business with more success. Dairy Queen authorizes over 5,000 Dairy Queens in Canada, the United States, and overseas. Soon after Mr. Buffett owned Dairy Queen, he owned almost one million of Dairy Queen’s Class A shares.

Because he owns many stores, Warren Buffett likes to see his company be successful since Dairy Queen grows a constant stream of income from franchisees. The good news for Mr. Buffett is that if a store stays in business, Dairy Queen is pretty much guaranteed a flow of income.

Mr. Buffett regularly visits Dairy Queen in Omaha, Nebraska. He told Yahoo Finance editor-in-chief Andy Serwer that he normally gets a small sundae, and the extra-large sundae for the topping. If anyone is interested in ordering a Buffett special, it’s available to any customer who wants to pay for it to enjoy for all time.

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