Does Rap Genius Hate Warren Buffett?

On February 21, 2013, cofounder of Rap Genius Mahbod Moghadam started up a strange feud with Warren Buffett, billionaire investor, when he tweeted from his handle @rapgenius this extremely profane message: “WARREN BUFFETT CAN SUCK MY ____.” Sending out offending tweets to those people well known in the media is nothing new, but it is rather surprising when it comes from one of the creators of a largely popular website that just received a $15 million injection in venture capital. People will pay attention to these things.

Then just a few hours later, Moghadam announced that he is holding a Warren Buffett diss track contest on Rap Genius. The contestants have to post original lyrics that badmouth Berkshire Hathaway’s 82-year-old Chairman and CEO. The winner of the contest receives a Rap Genius T-shirt. It looks like a $15 million venture capital injection didn’t do anything to improve the contest prizes! Feel free to make fun of Mark Zuckerberg as much as you want for his horrible fashion sense. For whatever reason, Moghadam looks to have taken the role of the eccentric tech entrepreneur to a strange and uncomfortable new level.

Nitasha Tiku, writer for BetaBeat published a very thorough article in regards to the strange vendetta, where she included a Google chat interview with the eccentric entrepreneur, who says of Warren Buffett during the interview, “from a philosophical perspective I hate that fool… He brags about eating at mcdonalds [sic] I loathe him.”

It turns out that Moghadam’s hatred of Warren Buffett started a few years back when Berkshire Hathaway took back their internship offer when they discovered that Moghadam wrote a blog post belittling one of their clients. And another thing, Warren Buffett is friends with his ex-girlfriend’s mother, which could also have been part of the reason he landed the internship to begin with.

This contest definitely has the sense of a public relations stunt, but it certainly feels like the bad blood is for real. There have been commenters on the message boards defending Warren Buffett because he supports higher taxes for the rich. Then again, others have bashed Moghadam because he’s a “bad publicity troll.”

So far, only a few entries have been made into the diss track contest, and all of the entries are poor. Take a look at one entry courtesy of a Rap Genius commenter going by the name jewlove: “the wizard of Omaha? Ha ha/Creating economic blizzards/and a buzzard feasting off the cadavers/of the common folk, with geico.” I can only imagine that the Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur both rolling over in their graves.

Far as I can tell, this is the first hip-hop beef Warren Buffett has been involved in. Although he does have a tendency to show up in rap lyrics every once in a while. He hasn’t responded to this as of yet, most likely because he’s so busy acquiring H.J. Heinz Co., using the ketchup company as leverage and generally being an all-around nice guy. But if Warren buffet does choose to reply, it might be in his best interest to let Jamie Dimon take over as his hype man and have Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke officiate a charitable rap battle.

Moghadam probably thinks that his hip-hop fans are going to give him massive credit for bashing the billionaire investor in this crazy contest. But let’s not forget that he’s up against a guy who threw up the diamond sign when Jay-Z’s 40/40 club opened. If you don’t know, now you know.

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