Discover what valuable stock choices Warren Buffet made in 2017.

For a man that reads between 600 and 100 pages per day, Warren Buffet also saves time to invest wisely. In 2017 his top investments have been consistent money magnets and have earned him billions of dollars. Apple and Wells Fargo alone has been insanely lucrative for Warren Buffet in 2017.

Warren Buffet usually stayed away from the technology stocks for over 20 years, but during a recent interview, he openly admitted that he believed Apple would be the first company to reach a trillion dollars. He invested in the company in 2016 and according to a recent article, Apple’s stock increased 40% from the beginning of the year to the end of the year going from $116.15 to $162.91! From the 133 shares that Berkshire invested initially, they have made around $6.2 BILLION. The shares are now worth $21.7 BILLION.

Then there is Wells Fargo. The Lance Armstrong of his portfolio. This choice has been at the top of his stock food chain for decades and has consistently been a real money maker. In 2017 this changed when Berkshire and Hathaway went public with their trade of the stock. Even though they are still investing in Wells Fargo, the numbers were different in 2017 and are worth taking a closer look.

In conclusion, Warren Buffet made a tremendous amount of money in 2017 by investing in something old in a new way (Wells Fargo). He also accomplished this financial growth by taking a further risk and investing in technology when he chooses to believe in Apple. Both choices proved to be profitable.

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