Discipline and Financial Success

Since their initial encounter at the first Forbes 400 summit in September 2010, both business magnate Warren Buffett and hip-hop mogul Jay-Z have continued to make major strides in the financial world. Most would think the men had nothing in common but with a closer look into the interview, it was discovered the two, in fact, have far more in common than one would perceive. The similarities are especially recognized when it comes to the topic financial discipline.

Even with what he considers a lucky upbringing it was a discipline that helped mold Buffett’s success. Continuing his education in economics and business Warren Buffett remained focused before making his first investment. This investment would turn into him acquiring a textile manufacturing firm Berkshire Hathaway. This investment alone has shaped the financial growth in his career. Buffett was named the third wealthiest person in February 2018.

It was more than just luck that kept the iconic rapper Jay-Z on the straight and narrow. Jay-Z maintains that staying disciplined was also key to his continued success. There were moments in the beginning of his career when he would much rather spend his earnings on luxurious items perhaps a new car or piece of jewelry. Instead, the young yet mature rapper crunched numbers and did some investing of his own. He made one of his first investments in his own company Rock Nation. This business move turned Jay-Z from rapper to businessman. Every financial move Jay-Z made after this seemed to have turned profits into astonishing figures.

Although both men are from different backgrounds including education class and upbringing the two seemed to have found a common interest. Investing in yourself giving back and remaining disciplined during your career tend to have the great financial reward.

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