Dairy Queen & Warren Buffett

Berkshire Hathaway Company is among the best investment that Warren Buffett world richest man has ever thought of. The tycoon started operating as the manager and later made to be the president and also one of the chairmen of this company.

The reason for his promotion is because Buffett is a visionary individual when it comes to long-term investment and also the master of doing business. The company has more than other 90 subsidiaries among them being the Dairy Queen which is a restaurant firm that has specialized in soft serve ice cream and has also focused in the providence of the fast food restaurant.

The DQ Company is also under Buffett leadership that brings a lot of profit due to its field of specialization. The firm has it’s headquarter situated in a city known as Juliet and has more branches that it has recently open to deal with the soft foods. The good reason to explain why the Dairy Queen was established was due to more demand concerning the sweet food in the world and more especially in the United States.

The firm is a parent project that was brought to the existence, and later on, they decided to form a corporation as their better option. Due to the increase in demand for their product they chose to increase their branches beyond America. A report that was released in the year 2014 later indicated that the company had gain more client than people could think of because it had established more branches to 25 countries across the world.
Apart from this, the firm had also been able to construct more than 6400 new stores that did not exist before and by the same year it had 6400 of their stores. Due to the high demand of the products especially the American resident among this new stores 4500 of them were situated in the United States.

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