Companies Warren Buffett Invests In

Warren Buffet is such a superb investor. Being a billionaire he is, money has got to work for him to stay afloat on the map of the wealthiest. Warren Buffet has been emphasizing on high-quality, fair-price system of value investing, investing in good companies with fair prices tags has been more of adventure in profit making for the renowned guru. Buffet has invested his money in companies ranging from health, security, bank and agricultural sector.

Some of the high-quality companies buffet has invested in include;
1. America express; this is a credit card company. Mr.Buffet has purchased shares of 151million shares which is worth $11.99 billion.

2. DaVita; a company that deals with kidney dialysis. Berkshire has acquired 38.56million shares of the company, whose value is $2.62billion.

3. Monsanto; a company that sells seed and fertilizer, has its shares of 8.04million belonging to Berkshire making it $910.33million holding.

4. Costco; which is a low-cost retailer. In this company Warren owns 4.3milllion shares valued at $726.7million

5. Apple which is an iPhone and technology company. Berkshire bought 18.58million shares with a stake worth $18.58billion.

In his bid to improve on health sector due to the ballooning of health costs, Berkshire Hathaway purchased shares worth $358million in Teva Pharmaceuticals, which is a company based in Israel and deals with the making of generic drugs.
Some companies which Mr. Buffet has been investing in had low market value shares. In about 3months Berkshire company sold 35million IBM shares. Another company to suffer the same is Wells Fargo with 6million shares and General Motors having 10million stocks trading at a low cost.

Warren Buffet is the investor of all time and with sound reasons, has enabled Berkshire Company double on its annual returns. He is a man who makes great investment deals. His business-minded nature explains his vast wealth.

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