Coca-Cola Profits

People may be surprised to hear that Warren Buffett 87-year-old man consumes 5 Coca-Cola sodas every day starting when he was a kid he used to go to the store and buy Coca-Cola and sell them for 20% markup at school since then he has moved and ventured out further into the world of numbers while he was a kid he loved math with everyone knew he would have some type of job and mad but no one predicted that he will be the third richest man in the world Warren Buffett’s diet includes 2700 calories and one-third of those calories are Coca-Cola Warren Buffett has live 87 years was hard to argue with his methods and he says the Coca-Cola helps keep him youthful.

If time goes on Warren Buffett bought several stocks of Coca-Cola as it is his favorite so they’ll even form a relationship with a former president that passed away Warren Buffett has always loved Coca-Cola since he was a kid and it is one of the reasons that he is such a successful man today not because he’s drinking it but because this is the first item that he had to sell 87-year-old man Warren Buffett’s diet definitely is not good but you have had the same breakfast every year every day since he started his career this is just an example of how dedicated Warren Buffett is when he find something that works he sticks to it and his relationship with Coca-Cola has been working ever since he got the first can this is what he chooses to keep the company in such high standings with him and why he chose to buy the stocks as well believing in the company and the sales of the company as he wants soda product as well Warren Buffett and nose whistles when he sees it.q

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