CNBC Warren Buffett Watch Online

On CNBC watch Warren Buffett delivers a speech regarding the trading between China and America. This speech took place this morning at 8 a.m. CNBC is expected to replay this video every few hours throughout today and the rest of this week.

At the beginning of his speech, Warren Buffett detailed how the United States and China are not going to create any havoc within the world of trade. Warren’s proof for this is the fact that China and America will both hurt themselves if their trade deal goes sour, and he believes the rest of the world will hurt as a result of this, too. Warren is urging all of America to relax and not worry about the America and China trade deal falling to pieces.

Warren felt that this speech was so important he could wait to make it to CNBC studios. Warren gave this speech over the Internet right from his home in Nebraska. There were debates on whether or not Warren would reschedule until he could make it to CNBC studios, but Warren insisted that he conduct the video as soon as possible. He felt that the American people needed to hear his financial opinion on this matter.

Warren Buffett has been planning on making a speech regarding the American and China trade deal for some time now. After being asked by CNBC to conduct an interview, the time has finally come. This morning, Warren Buffett delivered an Interview that will surely calm down all American people who have worried about the American and China trade deal. Warren is expected to also have a Q&A session about his interview within the next two weeks. Like the interview, this is expected to be held online.

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