CNBC Warren Buffet Interviews

Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett is one of the most knowledgeable people in the business sector. If you would like to learn various business-related issues that Warren Buffet is considering, then CNBC is the place to be. There are numerous reports on issues that he has given opinion about than in any other place. Warren Buffet uses this channel to give his opinion on the management of his business empire as well as for general advice. Recently. he told students not to borrow money like Donald Trump did.

While talking to CNBC, Warren Buffett warned students about the dangers of using debts to establish businesses. He claims that Donald Trump’s business model was not based on any real equity. He only borrowed because he had people to lend him money. There was nothing he was making from the business since most of the borrowed money was not generating enough capital to make him repay back the loans. Warren Buffett believes Donald Trump’s business woes were created by over-leverage. He was infatuated with too much money but did nothing of value with it.

Another story that is featured by CNBC is one where Warren Buffet believes wearable devices are a very impressive investment. Warren Buffet believes wearables are supported by technology development and therefore the future of this industry is bright. Berkshire Hathaway, the company he leads, has invested in a company known as Richline Group which is launching wearable devices known as ELA. Buffet believes the recent slow growth witnessed in the industry is just a matter of time before it’s over. Warren Buffet told CNBC that the jewelry industry is several centuries old and there is nowhere it is going. What he is considering doing is just adding the modern needs of the consumer to the jewelry to make them fit in the modern society.

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