Cleveland Cavaliers & Lebron James Host Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway Employees

After spending the day watching the Lions defeat the Vikings in a 16 – 14 win as guests of Ndamukong Suh, Warren Buffett and his entourage continued their sports star by visiting the Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday. They watch them play against the Charlotte Hornets and sat in Dan Gilbert’s courtside seats.

Buffett specifically went to the arena to visit his friend Lebron James to watch him play. He was wearing his number 23 Lebron James jersey and got to see the Cavaliers defeat the Hornets in a 97 – 88 win.

After the final buzzer on Monday night, Lebron James went up to Warren Buffett and then was visited by the Oracle of Omaha in the Cleveland locker room after the game.

“It’s unique,” said James about his relationship with Warren Buffett. It started seven years ago when James visited him in Omaha, Nebraska, hometown of the billionaire. “It’s very unique. It’s like, I don’t know if you know the rapper, Wale, and Seinfeld – Jerry Seinfeld. They got a pretty unique relationship, as well.”

The two hugged briefly on the court before the game began and then hugged again after the final buzzer. That’s right before James was visited by Buffett in the locker after the game was finished.

Warren Buffett is estimated to be worth $73.5 billion according to Forbes in their recent valuation. The CEO and chairman of Berkshire Hathaway built his fortune through investing, and decided to visit the man who early in his NBA career said that he desired to become a “global icon.”

The two friends joked around about a game of one-on-one that they played. Buffett was bragging about a hook shot that he made against the four-time MVP and two-time champion and is also 55 years younger than him.

Their exchange quickly turned to Lebron’s decision to leave Miami and come back to Cleveland.


Buffett said, “This is big.”

And James replied, “In more ways than one.”

Prior to the game, Buffett mentioned to Northeast Ohio Media Group that he and James keep in touch regularly through email and reply quickly to one another.

“Every time I send him one I hear back from him in two minutes or vice versa,” said Buffett to the publication.

Despite the difference in age, and the fact that they are on two very different career paths, they still manage to find time for one another.

“For some odd reason our schedules kind of just work the right way when we talk to each other,” said James. “And when we see things we communicate through one another and it’s great to have someone like that.”

Lebron says that Monday’s game was the second time that Buffett visited and came to see him play since meeting him back in 2007. Before exiting the Cavaliers locker room for the night, Buffett said to James that he can come and visit him in Omaha at any time.

“I had an opportunity to go and spend time with him a few years ago and our relationship just continues to grow and grow and grow,” said James. “On business and then personal stuff, as well. So, it’s cool.”

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