Charlie Rose & Warren Buffett

Warren Buffet who is an investment guru had an interview with Charlie Rose who gangs up as a journalist. This is famously known as Charlie Rose Warren Buffet interview. Rose had a discussion with Warren concerning him buying of $12 billion market stock after elections in 2017. This interview attracted considerable interest among viewers who attempts to understand Mr. Warren’s business ideas.

Warren of Berkshire Hathaway and Rose started discussing giving pledge and philanthropy; they were perplexed at the exceeding participation. On matters of business, Warren states that it’s essential for him to know and comprehend the industry and to stay up to date on any upcoming changes.

Warren notes that his two young managers are people who have different circles of competence. And he agrees that it’s essential for one to have a big pool of clients.Mr. Warren points out the importance of knowledge. Due to the size of Hathaway, it has become challenging to find acquisitions of late. On how he manages to get them, sometimes calls come through, or have thoughts in particular areas. Often he decides to take action on them.

From the interview, Warren noted that they had bought $12 billion net of common stocks after the elections till date, and probably his managers too were not left behind in the purchase. Rose questions him about the purchase of airline stocks; Warren claimed most of it usually is based on his decisions.

Warren notes that he can’t buy time; instead you control your time. Thinking and sitting may be a higher priority, rather than having a proxy of being severe that every minute of your schedule is busy. Rose notes that time is a most valuable resource. Warren thinks Trump administration is overestimating target growth rate of 4% which is abnormally high. Instead, he should consider a 2% which seems achievable and practicable.

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