Can Warren Buffett End Deficit in 5 Minutes?

Mr. Warren Buffett wants Congress to pass the Buffett Rule to end the country deficit. Mr. Buffett said it will take him five minutes to end the problem. He wants to save Social Security and Medicare, all military employee need to work 20 years to receive a federal pension, and the government does not need to borrow money from the Social Security Trust Fund any more.

Mr. Warren Buffett wants to save social security and Medicare for the Americans who are children and can not work. If you are 65 or older and disabled they will not touch your benefits. We need to save the benefits for our country. The ones who really needs the money is the disabled and children. Mr. Warren Buffett found a great way to save the social security and this is a great plan.

Mr. Warren Buffett wants all military employees to work for 20 years before they get a federal pension. When it is their last year of salary they will get 35% but no more from their pension. Once a military employees put in 20 years he or she can draw their federal pension and retirement.

Mr. Warren Buffett addresses how the government has to borrow money from the Social Security Trust Funds in order to keep other programs running, but Mr. Buffett says “No More”. The plan is to keep the nation from going into deficit and we don’t need to be in any more debt. Although Congress needs to go by Mr. Buffett five minute plan. The plan will need to be in action to help America get back on their feet.

The United States needs to face the nation about our deficit. Mr. Buffett has a way to stop Americans being in debt. He has a great plan called the Buffett Rule.

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