Buffetts Get $10 Million, UConn Wins the Tournament & More

As much is Chuck Berry played a role in inventing the modern world, it’s filled with tons of surprises. The more you try to predict of surprises, the more surprising they actually seem.

The dark horse Kentucky, after its “greatest recruiting class ever” loses a total of 10 games, reaches the final two as the sentimental favorite, then loses to an even darker horse and UConn, while billionaire Warren Buffett makes $10 million for insuring the perfect bracket one billion-dollar challenge.

But Buffett didn’t have to sweat this out at all, even though in public he said “I should be institutionalized”. Not even one bracket made its way out of the first round. Unfortunately for the University of Kentucky, it ran into the UConn Huskies, another unexpected team of destiny who trailed in the McDonald’s All Americans, 7-0; started a sophomore, Senior and three juniors, and in other words players that the NBA didn’t even think about, but ended out coming out on top with a great attitude and quickness to win the 60-54.

The NBA’s long-standing argument in regards to UConn point guard Shabazz Napier, who only was arguably a pick in the first round, is definitely over. On Monday, Napier one and scored 22 points. He averaged 21 points throughout the tour to mid and may end up going in the top 20 with the wildcat freshmen.

“Hey, I want to get everybody’s attention right quick!” announcement Napier in the Cowboydome over the PA system to 79,238 people. “If I can have your attention! Let me get your attention! Ladies and gentlemen, you’re looking at the hungry Huskies! This is what happens when you banned us last year, two years…!

When everyone went out they went out in character… Including John Calipari, Kentucky’s head coach, who was dog by more reports that he switching jobs and going to the Lakers!

Even if William Wesley turns out to be the person who put it out, Calipari said that he wouldn’t even “dignify that stuff,” which you have to give the man credit for, even if he continues to switch jobs (UMass to Nets to Memphis to Kentucky.)

It’s so easy that even a caveman can do it. The report itself comes from a tweet by former University a Kentucky star Rex Chapman – who was recently seen with Wesley in Dallas – saying that it’s a “#DoneDeal … Cal 2 La-La-Land 2 coach Mamba’s Lakers. #NoBS”.

Rex stands by what he said saying that it’s what he heard. The Lakers denied that any such talks have actually taken place, like when Wesley made a 2010 power play by telling the Bulls that hiring Calipari would bring the soon to be free agent Lebron James into the fold, and upsetting James’ people who had to issue their own denial, mentioning that Wesley had nothing to do at their process.

It’s like that old athletic director parable where he hires the coach to help ferry him across the roaring river. After getting halfway across, the coach will dump the athletic director and jump into a waiting speedboat.

“Why did you do that?” asks the athletic director.

“I can help it,” the coach says. “I’m John Calipari.”

The good news for the University of Kentucky is that Calipari is most likely going to stay if they decide to bump his $4 million annually deal. And even if he does decide to leave, there won’t be any ongoing investigation that would force Kentucky to forfeit all of the games this season, as Memphis and UMass had to do after Calipari’s Final Four appearances with those teams.

When it comes to Warren Buffett, he was off the hook for the one billion-dollar payout within the first weekend as the number three seed Duke fell to Mercer, the number 14 seed. This knocked 98% of the entries out of the challenge pool.

(Special note: the number two seeded Kansas Jayhawks, NBA draft pundits darling with injured Joel Embiid and everybody’s favorite Andrew Wiggins, whose loss in the second round the Stanford would’ve knocked out 85% of the pool, if anybody was still left alive.)

Out of the 11.1 million entries on ESPN, a total of 612 people named University of Kentucky, Florida, Wisconsin and UConn in the Final Four. You can get much better odds than 18,137 to 1 from someone who runs numbers, but what’s there to life unless we dream?

It’s ridiculous to believe that anyone can call 63 games with nine quintillion outcomes, presuming this is what we will do these days, with even further sophisticated models of mathematics, and still get it wrong.

The national holiday atmosphere that goes along with that the tournament as people fill out their office pools that they make during Selection Sunday and during the first round, that was recently not even part of the package that the network offered, it’s almost as fun and popular as the final games.

The most important thing to note is that what is and isn’t discernible. Progress is dependent upon both, on pushing the limits of what we know and realizing when you have a go down the wrong path.

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