Buffett’s Cadillac Auctioned for $122,500

A New Yorker bought Warren Buffett’s 2006 Cadillac in an online auction that ended on Thursday for $122,500.

In total, the price is about $110,500 more than this person would’ve paid if it was not originally owned by Warren Buffett. As an aside, the Oracle of Omaha even autographed the dashboard using a black marker.

The auction ran for a total of nine days, and when all is said and done, the proceeds are going to go to Girls Incorporated of Omaha. This is a local chapter of a national organization that was previously known as Girls Club of America. Susan Buffett, Warren Buffett’s first wife who passed away in 2004, was one of the founders of the original Omaha Girls Club chapter.

There was nothing incredibly special about this vehicle other than the fact that Warren Buffett signed it and previously owned it. The car is a metallic beige Cadillac DTS, and it has a V8 engine, has 275 hp and roughly 20,000 miles are on it.

Buffett said that nothing very memorable happened inside of the car, except for having a conversation with Mary Barra, the General Motors CEO. During his conversation he asked about some of the features that he could potentially get in a new car. Barra said that he would really like the Cadillac XTS and convinced him to make the switch last July.

In 2006, Warren Buffett last auctioned off a Lincoln Town Car that sold for $70,000. As you can tell, the Cadillac DTS sold for a lot more than the previous auction.

A celebrity connection can add more value to a motorcycle or car, but this typically happens when the person involved has some type of connection to cars. As an example, actor Steve McQueen, known for his driving skills, owned cars that typically sell for a lot more than the regular value. But in Warren Buffett’s case, even though he really is not a car guy, the auction did benefit a charity, which also helps to push up prices.

Regardless, the price that the New Yorker paid for this Cadillac is a lot less than the $2 million that someone paid last year to have lunch with Warren Buffett in that auction. The lunch auction proceeds went to The Glide Foundation, an anti-poverty group based out of San Francisco.

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