Buffett Visits With Students For The Day

Warren Buffett spent Friday morning and afternoon with 18 excited UNO students from the School of Communication and the College of Business Administration.

The students from UNO were also joined by members of seven other schools, including those from: The London Business School, Kansas State, Missouri, Columbia, Illinois, Dartmouth and Nebraska – Lincoln.

Throughout the morning, Buffett and the students took a tour of the Nebraska Furniture Mart. After it was through, the students all met with Warren Buffett so they can have a question and answer session. Once that portion of the program was completed, they had lunch together at Piccolo’s. There was an optional tour of Borsheims at the end of the day.

Warren Buffett, the fourth richest person in the world, spoke to the students for nearly 2 hours. He thoroughly answered two questions from each school. The 82 year old head of Berkshire Hathaway answered questions relating to life, investing, business, branding, the economy and careers.

Buffett mentioned to the students that they needed to prepare themselves to make mistakes during their lives. He also told them not to worry about them since mistakes are inevitable and there’s nothing you can do but roll with it.

He also told the students to find their passion. He said that if you find your passion, you can’t miss.

Maja Mihalinec, a communications graduate, told us that Buffett’s advice in regards to finding your passion was the most memorable.

She said that “he kept repeating how important it is to love what you’re doing. When we go out and look for jobs, we should think about the job we would want to have if we were already rich.”

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