Buffett Unloads another 1.4 Million Shares of Moody’s

On Wednesday we learned that Berkshire Hathaway recently sold another 1.4 million shares of Moody’s stock owned by the company. This means that they have already unloaded over 3 million shares this month of the credit rating agency, and we are only eight days in.

But Berkshire Hathaway still actually controls a total of 11% of Moody’s shares. They currently own 25.3 million shares even after the sale.

We also learned that Berkshire reported these transactions between last Thursday and this Monday to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

At one point, Berkshire and Warren Buffett owned 48 million shares of Moody’s during March 2009, right before it started selling the stock.

Berkshire has generated about 84 ½ million dollars from the sales of the shares. They sold them at prices between $60 and $62.78 per share. The company also reported that they sold 1.7 million Moody’s shares just last week.

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