Buffett Unaware Hilary Contribution Went to Super Pac

Warren Buffett, the billionaire investor that also happens to be a big critic of the major influence that super PACs have in US politics, admittedly stated that he had no knowledge and realization that his $25,000 contribution to the Ready for Hillary campaign was actually helping to fund one of the super PACs.

This Thursday on CNN Buffett mentioned, “I didn’t know it was a super PAC.”

Established in 2013, the group Ready for Hillary was created to help encourage the former first lady and Secretary of State to run for a bid for the White House. In 2014 alone, the PAC raised around $9 million, and some of the more prominent donors included Alec Baldwin and Michael Douglas, the actors, and Laurene Powell-Jobs and Steve Jobs, among others. And in December 2014, Warren Buffett wrote a $25,000 check to make his contribution.

Buffett assumed that the Ready for Hillary campaign was not part of a super PAC because they had a maximum contribution level set at $25,000. Super PACs can actually receive unlimited contributions, which is something that Warren Buffett is not very interested in supporting.

“They had a maximum, which was $25,000. I think of super PACs as these things with hundreds of thousands or millions in them. I am not for super PACs but it’s absolutely true I contributed $25,000 which I later found out was a super PAC,” said Buffett.

Buffett once again admitted that he would really like Clinton to become president, but he also mentioned that he doesn’t plan to become a billionaire benefactor for her campaign if she goes forward.

“I support her. I would not write a huge check. I would go out and raise money for her. I’d be delighted to do that. I would hope to do it. I did some of that in 2008. I just don’t believe that the election should be decided by the super-rich,” said the Oracle of Omaha.

The Berkshire Hathaway CEO also discussed the Clinton controversy in regards to exclusive use of personal emails when she was Secretary of State, which was reportedly in violation of federal guidelines, as well as other potential issues.

“I’d like to see her emails too. There’s a curiosity factor,” said Buffett about the ordeal, even though he brushed off any ideas that the scandal could derail a White House bid. “What I care about is what she believes in and her ability to get what she believes in turned into law.”

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