Buffett Still Optimistic About the Future of America

Even though Buffett has concerns about ineffective government and gridlock, he said that he is still very optimistic about the country on the whole.

In a video interview that he made with Politico, as part of the “Lessons from Leaders” series, the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett, talked about his disappointment with the stalemate in Washington.

“The stalemate, obviously it’s a terrible thing to have and it’s discouraging to the American public,” said Buffett.

The stalemate will most likely continue even after the midterm elections on November 4. Republicans are expected to win control of the United States Senate and continue to have control of the United States House of Representatives.

For the most part, Buffett is sympathetic toward policymakers in Washington.

“I’m quite sympathetic, unless they behave really badly, with public officials because it’s not an easy job,” said Buffett, and he added that it’s quite easy to make mistakes at certain times. “I like to forgive past mistakes because I may need that myself occasionally.”

Regardless, Buffett said that he still believes there is a very good reason to be optimistic about America’s future.

“But obviously the machine’s going to work better if the people operating the levers are working with each other rather than trying to stymie each other,” he said.

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