Buffett Lives in the Berkeley of Nebraska

The members of Clarity+Campaign labs, a group of number crunchers for the Democratic Party, came up with a unique tool that is able to tell people where they should live based on their perfect political environment.

After answering seven simple questions, you can find the perfect happy political home.

Business insider decided to take this one step further and mapped the most conservative and liberal towns per state, using the data that the group supplied.

Some of the overall findings are not very surprising at all. In California, Berkeley is the most liberal city, which shouldn’t shock anyone. The most conservative city is Hume, based in eastern Fresno County.

But some of the answers are very ironic as well.

Did you know that Salt Lake City is a liberalism hotbed? When compared to the rest of Utah, it certainly is, based on the data. The most conservative town in the state of Utah is Glenwood.

The most liberal town in Nevada is called Nixon. How’s that for irony!

And now we come up to Nebraska. The town of Ashby is considered the most conservative based on the data. Omaha, on the other hand and home to Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway, is actually considered the most liberal.

Perhaps no one noticed that Warren Buffett is a more radical investor than we’ve ever imagined.

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