Buffett Likes To Drive To The Beach

Warren Buffett is not too big on being flashy when he is conducting business. He likes for people to concentrate on reading and obtaining knowledge about business rather than worrying about what type of car he is driving. Currently, he is driving a 2013 Honda Accord. He doesn’t plan on buying another car because of feeling like he already has all the cars that need.

Warren Buffett doesn’t do a lot of driving these days. He is busy working from his home and reading his newspapers to keep up with the events at the stock exchange. He doesn’t have too many meetings that are in person unless he enjoys conducting business with the person that he is meeting. Buffett takes advantage of technology and has virtual meetings.

Warren is often asked if he feels like he needs a luxury car to look like a businessman. He feels like as long as you have a car that you take care of and you wash it, that doesn’t matter. People lose focus when they start investing in cars. And to make the statement more specific, if you already have a car, then, it is best to purchase a home next. You can save for an upgrade later. That makes more sense. If you are in the city limits, you can take the city transit bus to where you have to go in case your car doesn’t work.

It is best not to caught up into buying a lot of cars because you will still need somewhere to stay. Warren Buffett occasionally drives others cars to his Laguna Beach home or in Miami. If you have earned as much money as he has, it is ok to take a cruise to a beach town for relaxation.

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