Buffett is Star Attraction at Nebraska Furniture Mart Charity in Texas

The Oracle of Omaha has treated Texans to a ukulele rendition of “Deep in the heart of Texas”, as well as investment advice, to support a charity in the Dallas area on Wednesday. This took place at the new Nebraska Furniture Mart Texas store owned by Warren Buffett.

Guests at the gala event expected the Berkshire Hathaway CEO and chairman to give a speech, but were very happy when Warren Buffett decided to take their questions instead.

Event goers wanted to know who Warren Buffett supported for the presidency, and he told them Hillary Clinton. They also asked him about his greatest mentor, and he told them that it was his father. Supporters asked about investing advice, and Buffett told them to invest for the long haul. Finally, people wanted to know what kept him up at night, and he said not much.

“If it’s keeping you up at night, you better re-examine what you’re doing,” said Buffett. He said that he likes to spend his days working for the shareholders at Berkshire Hathaway.

Back in 1983, Berkshire Hathaway purchased a 90% stake in Nebraska Furniture Mart, based in Omaha from founder Rose Blumkin, who passed away in 1998. Her grandsons are currently running the business today.

This is the third full-line store, which has unofficially been open since early in March, but closed at 2 PM on Wednesday in order to set up cocktail tables and the silent auction bidding stations. Hundreds of guests came to the event including the media, vendors, local officials, company executives, members of the Blumkin family and executives from Berkshire Hathaway.

“It’s fascinating to watch them grow,” said Scott Coor, owner of Trendwood, the Arizona bed maker, who has been selling to the company for more than 20 years.

Before gathering in a cleared out section of the store to listen to Warren Buffett, guests had the opportunity to test out recliners, eat See’s Candy and listen to a five piece brass band play throughout the 560,000 ft.² store.

Many of the guests in attendance were having their first opportunity to take a look at the massive building – about the same size as the Walmart superstores – which brings the signature mix from Nebraska Furniture Mart of flooring, electronics, appliances and furniture under one roof for a brand-new audience.

The Colony’s Rose Barnes said that the store is “fabulous.” Darrel Barnes, her husband and a longtime fan of Warren Buffett that also faced cancer, said that he appreciated the store for supporting the Cancer Support Community North Texas.

Rose Barnes also about the store that “It’s a star for us.”

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