Buffett Invests $22.5 Million into Israeli Cellphone Technology Company

Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett’s investment firm, has recently invested $22.5 million into eVolution Networks. This company has developed a specific technology to use cellphone base stations in a more efficient way to save energy, reported The Times of Israel on Thursday.

“With its Smart Energy Solution (SES) technology, eVolution conducts both a thorough radio coverage analysis and a deep study of typical daily traffic patterns for each existing base station across the network and creates individual traffic and radio profiles for each. The information allows the network to list the stations that can be safely deactivated while still maintaining coverage and service integrity.”

Base stations do require the use of a large amount of energy, so shutting them down at times when they are not needed is a significant way to save energy. Cellular networks typically spend one third of their operating costs on electricity.

Buffett first invested in Israel back in 2006, and recently he said just two years ago that Israel is the “most promising investing hub” outside of the US.

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