Buffett Hints At 2016 Hilary Clinton Presidential Run

Since Hillary Clinton has now joined Twitter and her supporters are quite happy with the outcome, the Washington Post also joined the party by publishing an article dedicated to Clinton’s Twitter arrival. The article was 26 paragraph’s long.

The noteworthiness of Clinton’s arrival on Twitter is even compounded further by the fact that Buffett’s tweet to Hillary is only one of three tweets that he has ever posted on social media platform. He also called Clinton “one of [his] favorite women in the world” which is tremendous to say the least.

Most people are really interested in his tweet because he ended it with #45 at the end of his message. This tells us that Buffett is endorsing Hillary Clinton as his personal favorite to become the 45th president of the United States of America.

What’s even further curious is Clinton’s bio on Twitter. She ends it with “TBD…” What does she intend to replace the TBD with? The 2016 presidency? Only time will tell. But it’s a potential game changer to have Warren Buffett backing Clinton at this early stage.

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