Buffett Clarifies ObamaCare Stance

Buffett has recently decided to refute the latest news reports that say he’d like to “scrap” ObamaCare, also known as the Affordable Care Act. He also says that these portrayals are “outrageous.”

He recently refuted these reports last week on the website Omaha.com, which is the Omaha World–Herald website.

This happen because a number of news accounts recently quoted Obama refuting the bill in 2010, saying that the comments that he made back then were certainly taken out of context.

“I’ve never suggested nor thought ObamaCare should be scrapped,” said Buffett in the World-Herald, which also mentioned that he has also supported the political campaigns of Obama. “I support it. It relates to providing medical care for all Americans. That’s something I’ve thought should be done for a long, long time.”

Next to Bill Gates, Warren Buffett is the second richest American according to the Forbes 400 list.