Books By Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett, a world-renowned investor who is one of the wealthiest businessmen of the last century, has recently discussed his motivation for several of his published works. As of the current year, Warren Buffet has published over 20 New York Times bestsellers that were designed to educate the general population about wise business practices and financial information. During his discussion of the motivation behind his authorship of the best sellers, Buffet stated that he genuinely hoped that his published works would help individuals to develop personal goals to create new, well-functioning businesses, become excited to extend previously established business endeavors and to foster the general growth of the global business market.

Development of Personal Business Goals
Buffet stated that his primary purpose for books like, “Warren Buffett on Business: Principals of Saga Omaha,” was created to help consumers to develop a basic philosophy of business in a modern context. The businessman revealed that the first step to success in the business world is to develop personal goals that emotionally connect business owners to potential growth. Without this personal connection, Buffet stated that business owners typically lack the drive needed to withstand the many pitfalls that will likely occur in the business over the course of many years.

Extension of Previously Established Business Endeavors
Buffett also stated that he authored many finance based books in hopes that he could encourage individual business owners to extend the scope of previously founded business endeavors. Because many businesses fail in the beginning phases, Buffet seeks to promote longevity and perseverance in business owners through the publication of years of his financial wisdom.

Foster Global Business Growth
Buffett finally discussed his desire to foster the development and continuation of global business growth through his publications. Several of the books by Warren Buffet feature entire sections on the development and expansion of global business and he hopes to continue to create publications on the topic.

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