Books by Warren Buffett List

Books are some of the most real and constructive ways of communicating to others. Books are made so that other people can have knowledge in the future. Some people have professors that tell them that they need to buy books before they take a class. Usually, this is because your professor wants you to have it as a reference. The classes are only a small part of the actual learning experience. You wouldn’t learn much if it were you listening to someone ramble for an hour. The way that you learn and the way that they learn are two entirely different processes that you have to handle.

There is the “The intelligent investor by” Benjamin Graham and Jason Zweig. This book details all of Warren’s thoughts when he wants to invest in a project. There is something so special about taking a chance on something that you don’t know is going to succeed or not. It makes you question how many resources that you are putting into your goal. You need to take a moment to think how long you want thins to impact you life. If you don’t ask these question to yourself, you’re going to want to wish that you did if you fail.

He also helped to write, “Warren Buffett: The Life, Lessons & Rules For Success” by various individuals. Buffet had a very specific life that is hard to replicate. If you’re a foreigner asking an American where they’re from, most will say that they’re from California, New York or Texas. Very few of them will Nebraska. Go to some of the locations that he grew up in and ask yourself if they look foreign to you. A very different American is going to have success that is very different from yourself.

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