Bono Sings at Buffett’s Granddaughter’s Wedding Reception

Having great family connections can’t hurt. One Omaha couple used their family connections to bring in Bono, U2 front man as their wedding singer last weekend.
Bono grabbed the mic and sang “Stand by Me” at the wedding reception of Emily Greenberg. She is Warren Buffett’s granddaughter.

If you’d like to check it out, press play on the video to see it for yourself.

We first read this report in the Omaha World Herald where they told us about the Friday night performance that took place in front of 285 wedding guests. Warren Buffett and all three of his children – Howard, Susie and Peter – attended the event.

The Buffett family and Bono have become close because they work on similar philanthropic causes. Susie Buffett is a board member of the DATA charity cofounded by Bono in 2002. Its main focus is on Debt, AIDS, Trade and Africa.