Bono Serenades Buffett and He Received Lifetime Philanthropy Award

Warren Buffett, billionaire philanthropist and investor was recently recognized by his fellow group of philanthropists.

Warren Buffett recently received the lifetime achievement award in philanthropy just this past Wednesday. Forbes magazine sponsored the event, and it was a private discussion about the topic.

Buffett not only pledged to give away the majority of his fortune, but the CEO and chairman of Berkshire Hathaway has made it a point to encourage others with over $1 billion to give away around half of their fortunes or more.

In a video related to the Forbes event, we see Bono from U2 singing a new version of Home Sweet Home, which he rewrote for the tribute of Buffett during the event. In the song, Bono sings how Warren Buffett does not want “No honors, no plaques, just a higher estate tax. Till his wealth is but a rich memory.”

Bono also mentions that Warren Buffett’s advice has encouraged and helped him with his own philanthropic endeavors.

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