Bill Gates & Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are very close ballooners who occasionally meet and shares meals together at one of the greatest hotels in the city. When they reach together, they try to bring their ideas to the table and in most cases seek advice from each other. It was back in the year 1991 July 5th when Bill Gates parents through their close friend invited Warren Buffett at their house to have dinner together.

One thing his parents were not sure is whether Buffet will honor their invitation or not. For not good reason at that time Buffet didn’t manage to come. Gates’ parents kept on insisting that their son had to meet with the Warren but Gates gave an excuse that he was also very focused on his job at that time.

The main reason why Gates could disregard the meeting with Buffet was that he was just a paperboy and that they didn’t have much in common that could have led them to sit in one table and maybe share any of the ideas to do with business and investments.

Due to the persistent of Gates parents, he finally gave in and decided to go and meet with Buffett but with the condition that the meeting won’t take more than two hours because he argued that he had many commitments at the Microsoft Company.

When the two got a chance and met, it is said that Buffet asked him excellent and relevant questions that nobody had ever requested Gates such kind of wisdom questions. The two hours that Gates had said were never fulfilled as they were more question and interesting one that Buffett posted to him and that evening he didn’t fly back to the firm. Although Buffett was hilarious Gates was so much pleased with the relevant question the guy asked about the trending business.

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