Bill Gates Warren Buffett Letter

Bill Gates and his wife Melinda have their version of an annual public letter like the one run by Warren Buffett. In their annual letter, they decided to address Warren Buffett who has been a close friend of the family for a long time. In 2006, Buffett decided to dedicate all his wealth to charity. Most of his wealth is to be donated through the Gates Foundation. At the time Warren was, making this decision, his wealth stood at about $30 billion. His decision to work with Gates Foundation in giving his wealth to the community is something that humbled the Gates.

The Gates run the biggest philanthropic organization in the United States. They have been supporting causes such as child mortality and fighting poverty. Through their efforts to save the world from these menaces, they contribute billions of dollars which go to various causes in different parts of the world. Over 122 million children have benefited from the initiatives of the Gates.

In the letter addressed to Warren Buffett, Bill Gates cites that vaccinations and contraception are some of the best methods to invest in the future generation. For every dollar spent on these two, there is an economic benefit that is directly tied to it. The annual letter contains more information on how contraception can be used to eradicate poverty as well as infant mortality.

According to Gates, contraception helps women in controlling birth control, meaning that they can only have children when they want. When children are born at the right time, it means that parents will be able to give them a good upbringing. Melinda Gates supports the idea of contraception fully since she has seen it work wonders for millions of women around the globe.

The funds Warren Buffett has contributed through the Gates Foundation will go into this important mission of eradicating poverty in the world.

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