Bill Gates, Warren Buffett & LeBron James Have Dinner Together

There was a video recently posted online which shows some of the most powerful athletes in the world sitting right alongside two of the most powerful businessmen in the world. (See the video above.)

As I’m sure you know, Lebron James is one of the biggest superstars in basketball (and all sports for that matter) and he just posted a YouTube video of behind-the-scenes footage from a dinner that he went to in Las Vegas with the multibillionaires. In the video, the spectacular player with the Miami Heat is shown casually dining with Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, two of the richest men in the world according to the Forbes 400 list.

The smalltalk at this table must of been out of this world.

The dinner experienced by these 3 gentlemen took place at the posh Bartolotta at the Wynn, we learned from the Bleacher Report.

During 2008, basketball star Chris Paul and Lebron James were training together before they went to Beijing to participate in the Summer Olympics. Lebron reportedly invited Bill Gates and Warren Buffett to see the team play.

“We just had dinner with a few friends of ours, you know,” Lebron tells us in the beginning of the video clip. “Two guys by the name of Warren Buffett and Bill Gates. A lot of people call him William. Two of the powerful people in the world, you know.”

This isn’t even the first time that Warren Buffett and Lebron James have been out in public together, in all honesty. As a matter of fact, the 82-year-old Buffett has praised Lebron James on occasion because of his eye for finances. Yahoo Sports tells us that Warren Buffett says James is grounded and savvy.

Lebron James is number four on the Forbes list of highest-paid athletes during 2012. He’s currently behind Tiger Woods, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.

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