Bill Gates VS Warren Buffett

Being a business man comes with its positives and negatives and negatives. On the one hand you have businesses with a lot of power and can influence the government. You can get paychecks that will give you the potential to buy you whatever you want. But on at the same time, tons of people are going to scrutinize you. Every time that you turn on the television, you are going to find someone that will criticize you. The worst thing is that people will send their hate towards you. You also have to pay taxes that are going to hurt you.

Bill Gates is a very influential person in the world. For a long time he was the wealthiest person in America. He was born in Seattle, Washington, where Starbucks was founded. He was the founder of Microsoft, a program that changed the world. Even now, most school and public libraries have it installed in their companies. This is a program that has made the world a better place. Now people are getting an experience where people can step out of the predetermined boundaries to make things better. This is something that people should be happy about but find reasons to scrutinize.

Warren Buffet is an American born in Omaha, in Nebraska. He is considered to be the wealthiest American in the country by far. That is something he has taken responsibility for. Through his luck and misfortunes, he was able to make great systems that allowed him the resources to succeed. That is something to be very proud of. He invests smartly and will sometimes make decisions based on emotions. Though, he is someone who cares about the future of the world. He is someone who wants to give back to make sure that American can have a future.

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