Bill Gates and Warren Buffett

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett met in 1991 at a dinner party while Mr. Warren Buffett was on tour in Washington. Their friendship is approximately 25 years old and has proved to be of mutual benefits to both men. It is interesting to know that it is all thanks to Bill Gates mother that Bill Gates and Warren Buffett met. Bill Gates at the time was so engrossed in his work at his company (Microsoft) that he saw leisure as a waste of time. Sadly Mr. Gates thought Warren Buffett was just a normal guy who buys and resells paper to make a living.

After the dinner event and talking for many hours the two noticed that they enjoyed each other’s company as well as each other’s life perspectives. This was the beginning of a great friendship. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett both admit that they not only get along because of their similar personalities. Over the years they both have derived great benefits from implementing each other’s business ideas.

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett both have a culture of reading they love reading the same kind of books. They both share the same view that the book ‘Business Adventures’ by John Brooks is the best book. Amazingly they both feel that success is defined by love and happiness not money.

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett’s friendship runs deep. Mr. Gates is a board member of Mr. Warren’s company (Berkshire Hathaway) and Mr. Buffett makes donations to the Gates Foundation. He awed the world by donating the bigger part of his fortune to the foundation. They have meals together at Mc Donald’s and go shopping together.

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are great friends. They are a perfect example that success depends on the people whose friendships we keep. Their dedication to success and their love for family is amazing. They tour the world together and visit places such as Hong Kong to keep their friendship burning. Their relationship is one of the best in history.

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