Bill Gates and Warren Buffett Interview

Bill Gates almost didn’t have the time to meet Warren Buffett at the 1991 dinner they both attended. Gates felt he just buys and sells paper with no value added to it. Bill Gates found Buffett more modest in person as they became friends. Bill Gates’ best billionaire friend is Warren Buffett. Buffett was reluctant to buy a computer at first, but Bill Gates encouraged him because computers can be used to do your income tax return on. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett met July 5th, 1991, hitting it off immediately, since Bill Gates’ mother told him to go to the event where they met.


Bill Gates is on the Berkshire Hathaway board. The one big thing that really came out of their discussions was the giving pledge. 156 people are a part of the giving pledge. Success and technology make for people much younger who make a lot of money. 30-year-olds are doing amazing things according to Bill Gates. Older billionaires give more than younger ones. Giving money to the Gates Foundation was what Buffett did, and Buffett had started a foundation 50 years ago while in his 20s. He had hoped to compound money.

Buffett’s first wife was better giving money away than Buffett felt he was. Buffett felt he was only good at one thing, but his first wife helped him put himself together as they both had similar values. Buffett got married at 21 to his first wife. Charlie Munger is his partner of 57 or 58 years who is extremely wise. As a partner, he is strong-minded. Melinda Gates is the only one on the other hand, who can say no to Bill Gates, who feels that he shares the same goal with his wife, as well as his business partners.

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