Best Warren Buffett Biography

One of the best Warren Buffett biographies online is the one that Warren Buffet did with HBO. Becoming Warren Buffett, allowed the world to see just how he interacts daily with his life and what encompasses his day as a top investor in the world. This humble businessman, CEO, and, famous investor shows the viewer how regular he is in his personal life. It highlighted his young years and displayed a side of the billionaire that many could relate to.

Born in 1930 on August 30th around the time when the stock market crashed, Warren Buffett’s father lost his job and decided to start his own company. An investment company that could help sustain him and his family and a passion that he was already advanced in. One thing that Warren Buffett’s father instilled in him is that he shouldn’t believe in money; that you should use your inner scorecard to judge you’re next goals and achievements in life.

His mother was a beautiful woman that was good at calculations and math. She was so good at calculations that she could do it in her head better than any calculator. At the age of 12, his father decided to run for Congress and move to Washington, DC. The move upset the young Warren and he did not like the decision because it cost him to lose the majority of his friends and it had an indelible effect on the way he interacted with his teachers and his new school.

The youth of Warren Buffett was similar to many Americans, not sure where you stand in life and that change can sometimes startle us or push us to greatness. Even though Warren didn’t agree with his parents, it made him better.

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