Berkshire Stocks are Third Most Expensive in the World

Warren Buffett heads what is often regarded as one of the largest and wealthiest conglomerate companies in the world. Berkshire Hathaway does come in as the most expensive stock to buy in America, with Class A shares currently valued at $240,280 and Class B shares never exceeding 1/1500 of Class A’s value.

Berkshire Hathaway owns a variety of profitable businesses— read here why their reinsurance division remains profitable— including Helzberg Diamonds, American Express, Fruit of the Loom, and Dairy Queen. In total, Berkshire Hathaway owns 10 companies that would be included on the Fortune 500 list if they were not subsidiaries of Berkshire. 

2015 ended Berkshire’s 50th year under Buffett, and Berkshire gained 15.4 billion during the year or 6.4%. When compounded annually, at the end of 2015, Berkshire shares had grown 19.2% annually under Buffett’s reign.

Even then, with Berkshire shares being the most expensive in America, these stocks come in 3rd place when ranking the entire world— for now. Stocks for Chile’s main market operator come in at $2.5 million, and Argentina’s a slightly lessor $2.1 million. Still though, both these companies have a lower value than Berkshire, $122 million and $383 million, respectively. This is mostly due to the fact that shares have not been split often for these companies, but rather there are few shares in rotation. Soon, Chile’s shares will be split from 48 to 48 million, and each Argentinian share will be made into 250,000.

Still, since Buffett prefers not to split up his Class A shares so that he can can attract the more serious investors, Berkshire shares will remain the most expensive in the United States, and when the previously mentioned stocks are split up, potentially the world. The conglomerate is currently valued at close to $400 billion.

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  1. A blue collar canadian point of view

    I have seen the amount of monies given to charities, truly fantastic.
    My thought
    With this vast amount of money, has any thought been given to projects like getting water from, let’s say the great lakes to California, and or points along the way.
    It would seem to me that California is an agricultural wonderland, but the Water problem is allowing this farmland to go under, as this would help The USA in years to come, I am not sure why this is not talked about
    What a great legacy for anyone to achieve..
    The bonus is the amount of employment to get to this point. I know it sounds a bit Trumpish but to me makes sense. Growing green stuff is never wrong ( Do no mean Cannibus ), but foodstuffs

    Randy Pauls

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