Berkshire Shares Reach Milestone

Just over 54 years ago, the legendary Warren Buffett purchased his first shares of Berkshire Hathaway. There was no telling at the time that Buffett was destined to become one of the wealthiest men in the world and held in such high regard for his investment knowledge— but that’s history as we know it. 

The first Berkshire shares that the oracle of Omaha purchased were a mere $7.50, which is about $60 today if you factor in inflation. I say mere because since then the shares have only gone up in value— sans a minor hiccup on the way.

Regardless, since the election of Trump, not only has Warren Buffett’s personal wealth increased, but the value per share of Berkshire has soared as well!

For the first time ever, and ever so briefly for now, Berkshire stock hit $250,000 per share. Actually, it was $250,419.50. These shares are higher value than most companies because Buffett prefers not to split them. He believes that this ensures only serious investors will get involved.

“I don’t want anybody buying Berkshire thinking they can make a lot of money fast,” Buffett has said. Alternatively, there are Class B shares for the less serious, or perhaps just not as wealthy, investor. Class B shares are currently valued at about $166, but they are priced to never be more than 1/1500 of the company’s worth.

Both sets of shares have had an amazing year, rising about 26%. Buffett currently owns 18% of Class A Berkshire shares.

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