The Buffalo News


The Buffalo News is the main newspaper of the Buffalo-Niagara region of New York. It publishes three papers every morning and services several different regions of New York. It is known to be the largest news-gathering organization in upstate New York.

The Buffalo News is dedicated to providing the most honest, accurate, and fair news and information to its subscribers. In addition to publishing the largest newspaper in the state (excluding the New York City area), the company also offers a lifestyle magazine called Buffalo Magazine, and a Buffalo Brides section designed specifically to cater to engaged couples.

Although it is a slightly left leaning paper, The Buffalo News is a well-respected media outlet and several of its journalists have won the Pulitzer prize for their reporting. The paper itself is available every morning and the website provides around-the-clock news and information. Access to the full website requires a monthly subscription.

Brief History

The News was established in New York  in 1873 by Edward Hubert Butler, Sr. When it was first created, it was originally a Sunday paper which covered local and other news. In 1880, it began publishing daily editions as well, joining the ranks of several other papers which serviced the Western New York area.

However, in 1914 The News entered into a gentleman’s agreement with the Courier-Express, a competitive Sunday paper, to stop printing on Sundays. Instead, the paper changed its name to The Buffalo Evening News and began printing its paper in the evenings on a Monday through Saturday schedule, taking Sundays off completely.

This schedule continued through 1945, when The Buffalo Evening News began delving into television and, with permission from the FCC, built a new broadcast station which became known as WBEN-TV. The paper also owned three radio stations. However, after the owner Katherine Butler died with no heirs in 1977, the broadcast holdings were sold off and the paper was put in a blind trust to also be sold.

Berkshire Hathaway purchased The Buffalo Evening News in 1977 and immediately began publishing on Saturday and Sunday mornings, returning the paper to its daily schedule. After the decline and eventual closing of the Courier-Express in 1982, The Buffalo Evening News shortened its name to The Buffalo News and began publishing two editions, seven days a week.

In 2006, the paper decided to stop printing its evening edition and instead prints three morning editions for several different regions. Although the newspaper business is declining worldwide, The Buffalo News enjoys a readership of 400,000 people across eight counties, and continues to have decent readership.

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