Gateway Underwriters Agency


Insurance is designed to be there when you need it most, and the Gateway Underwriters Agency is dedicated to providing the best customer service and insurance options available for private, professional, commercial, and even nonprofit agencies. The company serves as a general agency for independent insurance agents.

Gateway Underwriters Agency is dedicated to providing “same day, next day” service and strives to provide the best customer service throughout the process. The company has an extensive portfolio and experience in more than 100 different business markets, making it an expert in a variety of scenarios and services.

Gateway Underwriters is available across 50 states and some of the services it offers include insurance underwriting and marketing assistance to private, corporate, and non-profit agencies. The types of businesses that the company is experienced in covering is extensive, but Gateway Underwriters also offers a handful of insurance options for personal use including home, renters, liability, and umbrella insurance.

Brief History

Gateway Underwriters Agency was first founded in Maryland Heights, Missouri, in 1954. The company began as a privately-owned insurance company and soon grew to offer not only a wider variety of insurance solutions, but also to license franchises across the state.

In 1967, the majority stake in the company was acquired when Berkshire Hathaway purchased National Indemnity Company. The move was the first branch into insurance for Berkshire. Since then, Gateway Underwriters has continued to expand and grow to offer multiple franchise locations.

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