Fechheimer Brothers Company


Since 1842, Fechheimer Brothers has been dedicated to providing the most comfortable quality formal uniforms for a variety of community service industries including law enforcement, EMS, fire departments, and the military.

Fechheimer is the leading brand for United States Navy uniforms, and is the only brand trusted to make uniforms for important transit authorities including the MBTA, the Chicago Transit Authority, and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency.

The company prides itself on maintaining the largest inventory of uniforms for law enforcement, EMS, military, fire departments, and transportation officials. Additionally, it offers custom options to design the perfect uniform for any professional authority.

Fechheimer is an American company and features plants in Cincinnati, OH; Hodgenville, KY; and Grantsville, MD. The company also manufacturing partners in various other countries and sells its merchandise not only in America but more than 50 countries worldwide.

Brief History

Fechheimer, Frenkel & Company was initially established in 1842 in Cincinnati. The company dealt in wholesale clothing when it was founded, although its founders had their background in running a dry goods store.

The company was a family-run business and in 1865 made a name for themselves by creating uniforms for the North and South during the Civil War. Fechheimer, Frenkel & Company was the first to standardize men’s uniform sizes, allowing a large number of uniforms to be made quickly and without individual measurements.

After its success in creating uniforms during the Civil War, the company began to expand and opened branches in Kentucky and Kansas. It moved on to marketing postal uniforms to country postal workers, who had no formal dress at the time. In 1885, the company name was changed to Fechheimer Brother’s Company.

In 1918 and 1945 when America entered World War I and World War II, Fechheimer Brothers Company created uniforms for the soldiers who fought abroad. After WWII, the company expanded to begin research into new fabrics for other services including fire departments, EMS, and police forces.

The 1980s and early 2000s were a busy time for Fechheimer Brothers. The company purchased Limpan’s Flying Cross brand in 1980, which has become one of its primary brands. Then in 1986, Fechheimer Brothers became a Berkshire Hathaway Company. In 2000, Berkshire Hathaway acquired Justin Brands and placed it under the control of Fechheimer Brothers. Vertex, Fechheimer’s other brand, was launched by Fechheimer Brothers in 2009 after a collaboration with federal agencies to provide low-profile military gear.

In 2017, Fechheimer Brothers celebrated its 175th anniversary, and continues to provide excellent uniform options to meet the high standards of military, naval, postal, medical, and fire departments nationwide.

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