Dairy Queen


Dairy Queen offers its customers some of the most delicious soft serve treats and is a forerunner in the ice cream industry with its popular Blizzards and the signature curl at the top of every ice cream cone. The company offers a variety of ice cream desserts and lunch options to go with it as well.

Since its humble origins in Illinois, Dairy Queen has grown to become one of the largest fast food networks in the world with more than 6,000 restaurants serving delicious cool treats in 20 countries including the United States and Canada.

Brief History

Dairy Queen was began with the invention of soft serve by a father son partnership in Kanakee, Illinois in 1938. The frozen treat became popular and in 1940, the first Dairy Queen store was opened in Joillet, Illinois.

From there, the company began offering franchising opportunities. Then an unheard-of concept, the chain took off and by 1950 there were 1,446 stores across the country. In 1958, the company began to also sell hot foods including fries and burgers. Its signature Blizzard treat was invented in 1985, and most locations flip them upside down prior to serving to prove the thickness.

Warren Buffett, a longtime fan of Dairy Queen, purchased the company for $585 million in 1997 and under his leadership the company has continued to expand and add even more delicious treats to its ever-expanding menu.

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