CTB International


CTB Inc. is an international company which sells agricultural solutions to the poultry, egg, swine, and grain industries through multiple different brands. The products which CTB Inc. offers are extensive and focus on caring for poultry and livestock as well as handling and storing grain products.

A few of the companies that CTB, Inc. owns include Agro Logic, Brock, Chore-Time, Fancom, Ironwood Plastics, LeMar Industries, Meyn, Roxwell, and Shenandoah to name a few. The company has facilities in North America, Malaysia, and Europe. Although it is an American corporation, it does roughly half of its business abroad.

Some of the products that CTB Inc.’s various companies offer include egg collectors and counters, electronic sow feeding, equine stalls and feeders, air cleaning systems, brooders, bucket elevators, feed conveyors, flooring, fish/shellfish/fruit/vegetable processing equipment, grain moisture testers, incinerators, nests, rearing/laying cages, scales, livestock production buildings, pig sorters, and various types of penning.

Brief History

Chore-Time Equipment was founded in August 1952 in Alliance, Ohio. The company was moved a couple of years later to Milford, Indiana, where its headquarters remain. The company name, CTB, was established in 1976 when Chore-Time Equipment merged with Brock Manufacturing.

The company continued to expand into the 80s, and even moved overseas in 1983 with Chore-Time Brock International. The company name changed to CTB International Corp in 1996 after a partnership with American Securities Capital Partners. Only a year later, the company was listed on the NASDAQ under “CTBC.”

Through the 90s and early 2000s, acquisitions to enhance CTB’s growing agricultural offerings continued at a breakneck pace, and by 2002 the company had enough of a standing in both the national an international markets that it caught the attention of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway. The company was wholly purchased by Berkshire in 2002.

After the purchase, CTB continued to grow and started to focus on a handful of industries in which it had once held more than 50% market including poultry, grain, and swine. Notable acquisitions in the mid 2010s including Meyn Holding, PigTek, and Martin Industries. However, the company continued to offer its other products and has become a leader in the agricultural industry.

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