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Charter Brokerage, LLC provides customers services to importers and exporters in the United States and Canada. It is one of the leading global trading services customers brokers which offers its clients with complete support throughout the customs process.

Charter Brokerage is known for its duty drawback experts, which help clients with filing for duty drawbacks with both United States and Canadian customs agencies. In fact, the company has been responsible for more than 90% of the eight-digit drawback claims filed since 1994.

The full list of services provided by Charter Brokerage is extensive and includes import and export clearance services, duty and tax drawback services, compliance services, claim filing, audit support, and many other services. It currently has locations in Connecticut, Alberta, New York, Texas, and Florida.

Brief History

Charter Brokerage, LLC was founded in 1994 as a customs broker for the petroleum industry. The company started off small and quickly grew to become the premier duty drawback company in the country.

The bulk of the company growth happened after Summit Park Partners sold the company to Arsenal Capital Partners in 2008. Under its leadership, the company continued to specialize on making complicated customs procedures simple for its customers and provided a range of experienced customs attorneys for its shipping partners.

Charter Brokerage, LLC quickly became known as one of the largest chemical and petroleum drawback service providers in the United States and in 2014, it drew the interest of Warren Buffett.

In February 2014, the acquisition was completed and Charter Brokerage joined the ranks of Berkshire Hathaway. Since that time, it has continued to grow and expand, gaining reputation as an authority in the field of customs regulations, import, export, and of course, duty drawbacks.

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