Benjamin Moore & Co.


Producers of fine quality paint and stains for more than a century, Benjamin Moore & Co. is an American company dedicated to providing its customers with innovative products that can make any vision (or color) a reality.

Benjamin Moore & Co. is a leader in the paint industry and is known for innovative colors and high quality paint products. This is because, unlike other paint manufacturers, Benjamin Moore & Co. creates its own resin and colorants, resulting in complete control over the whole process, start to finish. The paint the company creates is virtually unmatched in durability and longevity, making it a favorite with interior designers around the country.

Benjamin Moore & Co. has a network of retail locations which sell its staggeringly wide variety of stains, indoor paint, and outdoor paint in every color imaginable. The company can also mix custom colors and offers a range of specialty paint for the most demanding and creative projects.

Brief History

Benjamin Moore & Co. was founded in Brooklyn, NY by two brothers, Benjamin and Robert Moore. When the company first opened, the brothers had only $2,000 and offered a single product: Moore’s Prepared Calsom Finish, which was sold exclusively through independent retailers.

As time went on, the company slowly expanded its line of paints. In 1907 it hired its first chemist and established the research department which went on to pioneer plenty of firsts in the industry including the first eggshell low gloss latex paint in 1972, and the Computer Color Matching System, which can match the color of any sample, in 1982.

Benjamin Moore & Co. was purchased by Berkshire Hathaway in 2000, and since has continued with innovations and improvements to its business structure, including the launch of the Signature Store Program, which was designed to create a world-class shopping experience in each Benjamin Moore retail location. The company also produced some new innovations in paint with the Regal Matte paint, and continues to experiment with Color Lock technology for durable and easy to apply paint solutions for its dedicated customers.

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