Berkshire Hathaway to Sell Signature Diamonds During Shareholder Weekend

Every year during the Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting held in Omaha, Nebraska, Borsheims Fine Jewelry and Gifts, owned by the Buffett, offers great promotions for those lucky enough to be in attendance. The store upped its stake this year for the May 3 meeting by providing shareholders a rare opportunity to buy a diamond inscribed with the signature of Warren Buffett by using a laser. Some will even have the rare opportunity to buy these diamonds on May 4 directly from Warren Buffett himself, as he will be one of the sales staff at Borsheims for the fourth year in a row.

The diamonds – Limited edition – are currently for sale exclusively for shareholders of the company attending the annual meeting, we learned from Adrienne Fay, advertising and marketing director at Borsheims. Currently available are 26 loose diamonds, ranging in sizes from 0.75 carat to 5 carats, and their prices range from $5000 to over $200,000. The diamonds are available in square or round cuts and are ready to be mounted as rings, pendants or earrings.

Additionally, Fay tells us that 25 of the diamonds signed by Warren Buffett were also set in diamond pendant necklaces. They will sell at the CenturyLink Center, which is the location for the shareholder meeting. Normally, the 0.5 carat diamond pendant necklace with Warren Buffett’s signature would typically sell for about $2500, but the Berkshire Hathaway shareholders have the opportunity to buy it for $1750.

Each diamond is purchased with a pamphlet that describes the special nature of it, plus a loupe so that the buyer can see the inscription, we learned from the company. They do not have any plans to sell any more of the Buffett inscribed diamonds.

“All of the diamonds are already inscribed with Mr. Buffett’s signature,” said Fay. “We currently have no plans to sell more than more than the 25 pendants or 26 loose stones as they are a special and exclusive addition to our inventory for the shareholder weekend.”

Selling these diamonds is part of a promotion for the Borsheims Signature Diamond collection. Every one of the diamonds has a star cut into the culet, which gives the stone additional brilliance and fire, said the company in a statement. The diamonds come directly from Canada’s Northwest Territory, which is an area where the company tells us that the miners use the “most environmentally friendly way to extract the diamonds.” Every one of the diamonds is laser inscribed with a maple leaf, an identification number and the Borsheims name, guaranteeing that its origin is Canadian. The inscription is there so that buyers can identify the diamond and trace it back to the mine in Canada.

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