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Philanthropist Warren Buffett suggests that index funds are the smartest thing to invest in for young investors he suggests that the index fund grow faster than hedge funds altogether he recently had a bet with protege partners in which they bet that an Index Fund will not generate faster than a handful of hedge funds.

The million-dollar bet with cast off in 2007 lasting a total of 10 years up until 2017 in which the index fund was declared the winner because of its ability to grow and earn money very rapidly even though the hedge funds grew at an expansive and constant uprise they were not close enough in the financial department to beat out the index fund this win didn’t surprise many as Warren Buffett said that this was virtually a guaranteed win because he knew that no hedge fund could generate money faster than an index fund could and has chosen to donate all of his earnings to Girls Incorporated a company out of Omaha Nebraska Warren of his hometown which he does a lot of donating to.

Initially only invested $320 000 was invested into the index fund and everyone waited to see how fast it would take for the money to grow into a million the money ended up grossing so fast that he well surpassed the million dollar goal he set and his donation was more than the sum of the promised 1 million. Proving the index funds are the smartest thing for any investors to invest in and the fastest growing for the lower sum of money with hedge funds growing slower and generating less revenue than his sought-after strategy of index funds signifying to everyone that once a marketing genius always a marketing genius with his net worth sitting at 82.7 million dollars.

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