Berkshire Hathaway Firm Opens East Granby Innovation

Berkshire Hathaway’s Marmon Engineered Wire & Cable in East Granby is scheduled to open an innovation center worth $1.2 million. The center is going to be used by the 14 different manufacturers that make up the company.

The Warren Buffett owned Marmon, part of the investment firm Berkshire Hathaway, tells us that it’s going to use the Kripes Road of 1600 ft.² as a way to develop extrusion technologies and proprietary materials for those customers that need cables in extreme environments and harsh conditions.

Marmon plans on offering new products that are estimated to generate about $20 million in revenue during the year 2014.

The company’s chief technology officer, Rob Konnik, tells us in a statement that Marmon is working on zero halogen, low smoke ceramic materials that meet the latest fire safety applications in the industry of fossil fuels, among other things.