Berkshire Hathaway Adds to DVA

Berkshire Hathaway has recently purchased another 1.13 million shares of DaVita HealthCare Partners this week, and the company now owns 17.7% of the kidney dialysis business.

Berkshire’s total stake now comes to 37.62 million shares. Based on the closing price yesterday at $67.50, the market value of Buffett shares are $2.54 billion.

According to the SEC filing, the most recent shares were purchased between Monday through Wednesday at prices ranging from $66.12 to $68 per share.

Berkshire Hathaway has been buying shares in the kidney dialysis company since the end of 2011. During May of last year, the investment firm agreed that it would not increase its stake to more than 25%. They also agreed that they would never launch a proxy fight or push for board seats.

This is not one of Warren Buffett’s direct investments. Ted Weschler, Berkshire Hathaway portfolio manager, has been buying shares in this company, and he is the one who signed the DaVita agreement last May.